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Mini Enduro – What is it?

Mini Enduro is the new fun exciting way to race Enduro on a mountain bike. Its aimed at new riders to the sport to give it a go and we also have the Pro am category for the more established racers.

There are 3 timed stages in each race with transfers in between, these transfers are not timed and do not count for the overall standing.

The first ever Mini Enduro will take place on Sunday 10th February 2013 at Haldon Forest.

One Industries will title sponsor the Mini Enduro races and will now be know has the

One Industries Mini Enduro”┬áso you can expect some great prizes on the podium for the top 3 in each category.

Full details on our new website or to enter be quick they close on Thursday 7th Feb on British Cycling website here

We look forward to seeing you all in February.

Chris Roberts
Head Honcho Nakedracing.


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  • Steve Parr says:

    Hi Chris
    Well done on sorting this and dragging One Industries into the fold :-), you forgot to mention we are using the TAG Heueur system in 2013.
    The futures bright, the futures Gravity Enduro, oh and Mini Enduro
    Head Honcho at UK Gravity Enduro :-)

  • Jared says:

    Nice one Chris. Really looking forward to this as this is my first season of racing for 17 years lol.

  • pete says:

    hi Chris , good work ! and I thought you managed to get a photo of me y from Italy for a second…

  • Carlos says:

    Hi Chris, don’t forget the X-Fusion/ Enduro1 series is aimed at getting beginners into racing and giving them a taste of enduro.

  • Paul says:

    Not sure about the kitchen clock in Italy? They use a Tag system
    And the times appear live on the web, do you can
    Check them on your iPhone during the race!

  • I did email you Peter to your Tony email address but it bounced back.

    Do you have a link to online timing I would like to see that.

    I did not see any Tag Heuer kit but i did see some Alge timing kit on the finish line.
    At the start of Stage 3 they were using a kitchen clock for the start and recording it on paper with start guy counting 5,4,3,2,1 on his fingers. I did take a photo and video of it as its a nice simple cheap way to time it…

  • Matt says:

    maybe you should have a chat with the super enduro guys…if their kitchen clock offers live timing you can view on your phone it’s got to be better than all the delays at haldon

  • Hi Matt, i have still not seen any timing examples from the super enduro that you can view live on phone. Please dont get me wrong i am in no way having ago how they do there timing just stating the facts of what i saw at the race.

    As for Haldon, yes we did have some delays but giving this was out first multi stage race with a lot of complex and expensive equipment it was a great success. For the record i have just checked all the start time and finish times so you can see there was only hold up when we had to reset the equipment on stage 1. so Stage 1 started 1 minute 28 seconds late, there was slight hold up for the last 15 riders due to have to reset the timing and finished 20 minutes later then planned. Stage 2 started 6 minutes late and finished 5.30 seconds late, stage started 12 minutes late and then ran late waiting for the last few riders that got held up on stage 1.

    So delays yes a few but nothing like you are trying to make out. May be you should get involved and race or even help out next time.

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